Soaking Up Lots of Sun on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

These two neighboring Caribbean islands are located just off the eastern coast of Nicaragua. While these islands may have many differences, what they have in common is that they are both beautifully undeveloped. After reading many articles comparing the two, we decided to make time for both Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island during our trip to Nicaragua in 2017.

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Getting To Big Corn Island

We went with our good friend Lorena, a native of Nicaragua. We were happy to meet up with her family, who provided us with the most welcoming and intimate tour of their county. So our travels up until this point had been "family style", caravanning from place to place and with a group as large as 15+ at times. However, our numbers decreased along the way and the trip to Big Corn Island included only 5 of us. 

Our home base was in the capital of Managua which made getting to the island easy. La Costeña offers daily, early flights to the Island from the airport in Managua. The flight is quick with only one stop in Bluefields. Additionally, you could fly out of Bluefields or take the boat. However, unless you have lots of time, I would suggest flying. The flight was not full at all, we each took a window seat and watched as the land gave way to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. 

Welcome to Big Corn Island, Nicaragua! | Earthtones Travel + Design Blog | Roo Bea Design Co

Optional: Little Corn Island

After arriving, many people hop on the ferry to Little Corn, which is exactly what we did. We really wanted to see both islands but decided Little Corn Island was where we wanted to spend the majority of our time. Due to a fear of being on the ocean, Lorena refused to go and could barely watch as we bounced away on the little boat, leaving her and her family on Big Corn. After enjoying some time alone, we returned to Big Corn Island and reunited with our friends.

Soak up Some Sun on Big Corn Island

Our lodging was located right on Arenas Beach. This is a beautiful beach! Evan spent much of his time reclining in a beach chair working on his tan. The water was clear and great for swimming. The beach was made of clean, soft sand and was long enough for a decent walk along the shore. 

Rent a Golf Cart

This was so much fun! Thanks to our golf cart, we were able to see much of the Island. We took the roads along the coast, past the beaches and the fishing boats. We went by neighborhoods and forested communities. From the top of the Quinn Hill area, we found a property situated on the cliffs with an outstanding view. The golf cart was great for hopping from beach to bar to restaurant. 

Food and Drink

Big Corn Island had so much deliciousness to offer! Breakfast on the beach. Dinner on the edge of a cliff. Fresh coconuts everywhere, all the time! Ridiculous lobster meals! The food was plentiful, inexpensive, incredibly fresh and just so good. The island bars were fun, drinks were fruity and tasty. Of course there is always Tona Cerveza!

The Island Life

When traveling, I always imagine what life would be like if I lived there. I really enjoy seeing people in their day to day routines. I daydream about the house I would own and the plants I could grow. Daily chores like laundry and sweeping seem way more enjoyable here. Maybe you won’t daydream about cleaning your house or keeping a garden, but I hope you take a moment to slow down and appreciate the island life.

Inspiration: Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

Big Corn Island is an island of color! The landscape alone is bright and saturated. Turquoise waters, lush greenery and tropical flowers. To add to the visual delight, the homes and shops are each painted in their own bold color schemes. My inspirational piece for Big Corn Island celebrates these colors as well as the lobster.

Cheers! To lobsters!

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