The Roo Bea Design Co. Story

Life and work should be things we all aspire to truly enjoy! After 10 years working in the garment design industry, I branched out on my own and started Roo Bea Design Co. with the philosophy that design can be more professional, personalized and friendly. I named my company after two very special people in my life who taught me that success is not based on acquiring wealth, but on the relationships we build with others. Likewise, my company is all about forging positive, long-term relationships with clients.

While creatives can have a reputation of being aloof and disorganized, I am more of a “type-A” creative. I pride myself on extreme organization and efficiency for my clients. This helps us hit the mark faster, and can keep your invoices low on top of my already affordable rate.

When the workday is done, you’ll find me in search of the next adventure with my husband and our goofy dog. I love to travel, hike the outdoors, ride my bicycle and collect unique experiences to help inform my work.

But when the workday begins, I’m all yours! Let’s get started — send me a quick note for a free estimate.

- Meriah, Roo Bea Design Co.